Face Exercises for Men – Are They a Better Option to Cosmetic Surgery?

man-faceFacial exercises are a great solution to safely get rid of the excessive fat which has accumulated on your face over the years. Typically, the areas would appear to be puffy and bulging due to excessive fat deposition on the cheeks and the chin, excessive fat on your face would not only affect your appearance but would also rob you of your youthfulness, making your face look older and bloated.

Under such circumstances, most people would consider botox, facelifts and other anti-aging skin care products to solve their problems. However, do you know that one of giving your facial muscles a workout? Now, for the gentlemen out there who wish to look their best in terms of youthfulness and beauty, you can achieve your goal safely by doing face exercise for men.

Why is face exercise for men a better option in comparison with cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery may seem like a quick fix for your aging problems and many people would look good after a facelift. However, you skin would continue with the aging process even after the face lift so you may need to repeat the expensive procedure for many years and become a heavy financial burden.

Secondly, too much botox or filler on top of the face lift could lead to an odd distorted appearance and can be very obvious on the eye, especially when the work has been done on men. After those cosmetic procedures, you may get a smooth complexion, however, the bulging and puffiness on your face still persist, the results is an artificial face which is all too common with facial cosmetic procedure for men.

If your problem is simply facial sagging, dropping and puffiness that need to be worked on, facial exercises for men become an even more powerful alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Facial muscles are connected to both the skin and the bone, forming a “cushion” on which the skin rests. If the cushion is worn-out, compressed and not consistent in thickness, there is no way the skin will look its best. However, facial exercises does not only benefit the supportive muscles, but are also able to improve skin and skin tone, as the increased blood flow to skin assists in bringing nutrition to the skin while also effectively help removing toxins for the skin.

Health and elasticity of your skin is mostly determined by the underlying tone, vitality and the strength of the supporting muscles beneath the skin, this is also a main reason why face exercise for men is so important a way to improve youthfulness of men skin.

But keep it in mind that, face exercises for men, just like body building workouts for men, must be performed on a regular basis to see results. The facial exercises must be performed consistently in order to actually maintain the results you could achieve from these facial exercises.

However, if you realize the simple isometric facial exercise that utilizes resistance and contraction of the facial muscles could actually turn back the clock and recover your youthfulness, you will be very happy with the results you could achieve and would voluntarily continue these exercises on a regular basis.

Here is a face exercise for men which is designed specifically for puffy and aging cheeks to lift and firm the cheeks in order to achieve an ageless, good looking appearance.

This face exercise for men consists of two parts. Part one, you should start with sitting upright and facing forward with lips closed but relaxed. Pucker and pout your lips using the cheek muscles, keep your lips puckered for a count of 10, relax and repeat the above procedures for 10 times. In part two, you should start with inserting both index fingers from the side of your mouth and gently pull your mouth to each side until both sides are stretch to about a quarter of an inch.

This move would stretch the circular muscle that forms your mouth and holding this stretch for a couple of seconds would provide an isometric stretch. You should perform this exercise slowly at first and until you get comfortable with the proper form. You are recommended to perform two sets of between 25 and 47 repetitions. This combination of face exercise for men would help you to tone up your chin and the front of the neck and improve your appearance enormously.

Other than the face exercise for men stated above, tapping on your face would also help to improve your blood circulation. The correct way of face tapping is tap around 20 times on each dot with the pads of your middle fingers, from the bridge of your nose and along your eyebrows, then in round the top of your cheekbone.

By improving the blood circulation in your face, the detoxification process is improved too, this would ensure the elimination of waste product is being done efficiently and would help to prevent aging and maintain an ageless look.

Conclusively speaking, the combination of face exercise for men and selected anti-aging products could be very useful in reducing wrinkles and maintain an ageless look.

Facial exercise can tauten up your facial muscles and the wrinkles would look less prominent, as a result, your skin will look firmer without spending thousands of dollars on surgeries which are both costly and risky.